WLYL Lycra DJI FPV Goggle Headset Band

  • Rs. 1,300.00

WLYL Lycra Elastic Head Strap Skin-friendly for DJI Digital HD FPV Goggles Video Headset Band Blue 
Skin-friendly elastic fabric
The surface of the headband is perforated, breathable, sweat-resistant and washable.
The headband is user-friendly with a battery compartment and wire holes for easy access to a spare battery and extension cords. 
The reverse silk surface can reserve a fixed way and position for the later development parts.
Item: Lycra Head Strap for fpv goggles 
Suitable for DJI Digital FPV Goggles
Package Included (headband only)
1 x Lycra Head Strap for DJI FPV goggle

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