Spedix ES20 Lite 20A 2-4S Individual ESC

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Spedix ES20 Lite 20A 2-4S Individual ESC

Spedix ES20 Lite is an ultra-light and ultra-small ESC beyond imagination. It is a performance speed controller designed for 100-210 size racing multirotors. With the work of their engineers, the size and weight of the ESC is under 10.5x23.5x5 mm and 3.9 grams, to be probably the smallest and lightest in the category to date.  Not only are they made well, they also perform well.  They support Oneshot, Multishot, and even DSHot 600 right out of the package.  No mods needed!

In additional to excellent design, ES20 Lite is also made of top quality electronic parts. It is composed of 3 Oz gold plated PDB, and genuine components from esteemed suppliers such as STMicroelectronics of Switzerland, TDK of Japan, and AVX of USA.

Excellent design, authentic electronic components, and good manufacturing process all together make the ESC an excellent product with great quality, reliability, and stability



  • Continuous Current: 20A
  • Voltage Range: 2-4S LiPo
  • Weight: 3.9g
  • Dimensions: 10.5X23.5X5 mm
  • Firmware: BLHeLi_S


Package Includes:

  • Spedix ES20 2-4S 20Amp BLHeli_S ESC

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