DALPROP SpitFire T5147.5 Racing Prop

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Crystal Fluorescent Green
Crystal Fluorescent Green
Crystal Blue
Crystal Blue

Dalprop SpitFire T5147.5 Racing Prop

DALPROP Spitfire T5147.5 Racing Prop DALPROP's latest Spitfire propellers provide extremely smooth throttle response and reduce prop wash, helping racers remain in control.

SPITFIRE Series is born for racing! The design is inspired by the UK warplane SpitFire in WWII! The oval and the fair-shaped appearance makes the 1st Spitfire T5147.5 prop 3.8g, extreme speed and response, no prop wash!

Brand name: DALPROP
Item name: Spitfire T5147.5 Porpeller
Meterial: German Bayer PC
Diameter of prop: 5.1 Inch
Center Thickness: 7mm
Center Hole Inner Diameter: 5mm POPO
Weight: 3.8g
Adapive motor: 2205-2306
Colors: Mango Yellow, Crystal Blue, Crystal Fluo Green

Package Included:
2 x CW Spitfire T5147.5 Porpeller
2 x CCW Spitfire T5147.5 Porpeller