BrainFPV GPS Module

  • Rs. 2,800.00

The BrainFPV GPS uses the Global Positioning System to provide position information and altitude to your flight controller. This enables you to have GPS coordinates, altitude, and velocity (ground speed) in your OSD, as well as the use of “GPS Rescue Mode” in Betaflight and autonomous fixed-wing modes, such as return-to-home, cruise, and loiter, in iNav.


  • Uses a genuine uBlox M8 GPS module with up to 18Hz update rate
  • Supports GPS and GLONASS
  • Superior noise filtering and large antenna ground plane for optimal signal reception
  • Integrated white LED’s to indicate GPS lock (blinks when lock is achieved)
  • Super capacitor based backup voltage supply. Unlike batteries commonly used, the super capacitor is charged in seconds and allows a fast warm start for several hours.
  • Comes in a white plastic enclosure with a BrainFPV logo on top


  • Power: 5V 70mA
  • Size: 31x31x12mm
  • Weight: 13g


  • 1x BrainFPV GPS module
  • 1x 200mm Silicone Cable

Connection Instructions